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Yoga is an ancient practice that emerged around 5000 years ago in India.

Its translation from Sanskrit means « to unite » or « to join » which can be understood in different levels.

Yoga is a global practice, or discipline:

 Philosophical - with moral guidelines

 Psychological - supporting an exploration of the personality

Physical - allowing the practitioner to develop a strong and healthy body

Emotional - permitting one to understand the motion of energy that arise and thus release it. 

Yoga is a powerful tool for harmony, its regular practice generates peace and calmness of the body and mind - therefore, allowing to come closer to the Soul.

Throughout childhood and life experiences, one has developed some protection layers, cooping mechanisms or any kind of masks that has helped out surviving challenges. However, some of them aren't serving anymore or are even creating blockages. Yoga practice gives one the opportunity to unravel, understand and release these mechanisms, creating space for healing and growth.

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Yinside Yoga

Yin yoga is a very slow-paced practice, each posture is held for several minutes in order to allow the energy to flow again. It is commonly said that we should experience deep inner silence while practice. However, I strongly believe that one of the first step is to learn how to listen - to give ourselves the opportunity to actually witness what is happening inside, without judging, commenting or debating it. Consciously listening to the story the posture is whispering us.

Our body holds our memories and unprocessed emotions, during this class one will experience many thoughts arising and all of them as well as emotions will be welcome. Let's take the time to slow down in the busyness of the fast-paced life and learn how to feel and to release whatever is still blocked inside.  Through the breath, our vital force, the postures will accompany us to dive into a deep meditative state of mind while stretching our ligaments, fascias and joints.

Yin yoga is a full being experience - creating a quiet mind and intensely relaxed body. 

Each class is open to everyone, from beginner to advanced - of all age, bodies, abilities & gender. Held in a safe space, surrounded by respect and confidentiality.

Each class is constructed around a specific topic and is a perfect blend of :

  • Pranayamas, breathing techniques - to create awareness of the breath, our vital force.

  • Asanas, postures - to build up strength and flexibility of the body, our vehicle.

  • Dharana, concentration - to develop control over the wild mind, our inspiration box (?)

The classes are like a tree - they have strong roots, a stable and strong trunk surrounded by movement and freedom. They are open to everyone of all ages, genders, mobilities, backgrounds from beginner to advanced. Allowing each and everyone to take action in their own well being.

A global experience that will help in stress releasing, create self-confidence & develop regenerative processes.

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  • 1h15 A gentle introduction to yin yoga

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  • A gentle introduction to yin yoga

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