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Let's talk about -

Online Event 

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Monthly events to talk about pleasure, desire, sexualities, genders, bodies, consent & boundaries, relationships and much more !

Let's gather up online from the cosyness of your own environment - may it be your couch, your bed or your baclony if you live on a sunny side of the world - to share around different topics with a cup of tea or a hot chocolate. Because we all have different experiences, these sessions are an opportunity to be heard and to listen to the diversity of life stories.

What to expect ?

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  • Participatory & fun times : several activities, games and playful ice breakers will alleviate the topics and support us to speak up for ourselves

  • Reflective moments : we will take time to process previous experiences and share them to release, develop acceptance for one another, get to know ourselves better to feel more free in our interactions and get access to solutions for

    future challenges

  • Informative supports : a selection of resources will be available to deepen the subjects, in collaboration with The Hopscotch Book Shop you will have access to a panel of books, as well as selected podcasts, documentaries, etc..

Let's discuss, explore and share in a safe space to support liberating talks, bring collective reflection and co-create emancipation. We are all aware of the lack of education and spaces to share around these topics, these monthly meetings are the opportunity to make a change together and learn from each other.

Because the antidote of shame is to share - let's break up taboos, gather up in a safe space and speak up for ourselves.

Money should not be an issue to have access to education & emancipation, this is why this workshop is donation based, you give what you can & want. 

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  • Let's Talk About - Sex & Body Acceptation
    Multiple Dates
    Wed, 14 Dec
    Online Workshop
    14 Dec 2022, 19:00 – 20:30
    Online Workshop
    Online workshop from the cosyness of your own space to share our stories.
  • Let's Talk About Sex & Shame -
    16 Nov 2022, 19:00 – 20:30 CET
    This month's session is very special so it is gifted for free. In an interactive way, let's explore the Hows and the Whys there is shame around our sexualities and the Ifs of deconstructing this social pattern. Juggling between interactions, reflective times & practical tools.
  • Let's Talk About - Consent & Boundaries
    19 Oct 2022, 19:00 – 20:30
    Let's discuss and share about Consent & Boundaries in a safe space -
  • Let's Talk About - Pleasure
    Wed, 28 Sept
    Hopscotch Reading Room
    28 Sept 2022, 19:00 – 20:30
    Hopscotch Reading Room, Gerichtstraße 45, 13347 Berlin, Germany
    Let's discuss and share about pleasure in a safe space -
  • Let's talk about - Sexualities - 1st Eco-Feminist Festival in Berlin
    04 Sept 2022, 11:00 – 05 Sept 2022, 22:00
    Positive Lab Berlin, Prinzenallee 58, 13359 Berlin, Germany
    Seeding Freedom is the first ecofeminist Berlin festival, revolutionary, inclusive, intercultural and intersectional, to question together our society.
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