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Conscious Community Gatherings

A get together event that happens once a month - in a very cosy environment.
Within Berlin's busyness it can sometimes be difficult to find our place. These monthly gatherings are created to support us in finding like-minded people, to connect in a truthful way. Conscious interactive exercises, healing sound journeys, rituals and much more will be offered by your hosts & guests. As well as a lot of off time to chill, mingle and connect with delicious food and a variety of tasty (non-alcoholic) beverages.

A wonderful opportunity to find this sense of belonging we are all seeking for.

Be part of the community

Because the antidote to shame is share

 Let's break up taboos, gather up in a safe space and speak up for ourselves.

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Let's talk about sessions take place once a month. These sessions take place in a safe space where each one is heard, respected and welcome. They are informative, participatory and reflective moments where we discuss, explore and share with a cup of tea or a hot chocolate around different topic. Such as sexualities, genders, bodies, relationships, consent & boundaries, contraception, and much more also according to the needs of the participants.
Several participatory activities are offered during the session to help alleviate the subjects, bring collective reflection, support liberating talks and co-create emancipation.

Inspiring thoughts, poems, texts from various authors and contexts. People like you and I - experiencing sorrow and bliss, growing within pain and joy - putting into words the magic of their lives.

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